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Media Consent Form

For Brian asks for your permission to use photographs, videos and quotes from to promote the work of For Brian, and for reporting about projects.

For Brian will not use any photographs, videos or quotes for any other purpose..

  • I give my permission for For Brian to use any video footage and photographs and quotes

  • I understand that footage and photographs may be used at different times and that I will not be contacted each time.

  • I also give permission that any video footage may be edited or altered to be used in other videos

  • I am aware that any footage, photographs or stories shared via social media could be shared further through external websites and digital platforms including national and international broadcasting and media outlets both print and online.

  • I understand that any images, videos or quotes will only be used to promote the work or for reporting on specific projects

  • I agree and give my permission for For Brian to use footage and photographs of me.


Thank you.

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